Hey Friends!

I’ve moved!  I didn’t realize when I set up this new blog that I was on wordpress.com.  Since I’m not new to blogging, and I like the advantage of creating my own html and installing awesome plugins, I’ve moved to wordpress.org and created my own domain.

You’ll find me at farmhousenest.com.  I hope to see you there!



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Reading by the Fire

Ahhhh . . . Sunday.  While I still have to be up early to do chores, which I’m sure my chickens, ducks and geese appreciate, it’s still a day to do whatever I feel like doing.  I’m sitting by a roaring fire this morning (thanks to my expert fire builder husband) reading through books on homesteading, decluttering and cleaning.  After 30 plus years of cleaning and organizing my own home, quite frankly, I’m tired of it.  So wonky house has suffered miserably while I do just the basics.  I need inspiration!



I picked up several books from the library (I work there don’t ya know) and am being inspired by the information and gorgeous pictures of well organized, clean, simplified rooms.  Where do you find your inspiration?  I realized some time ago that I wasn’t just impressed by the things in the rooms of the magazines that I perused, it was that they were well organized and clean.  Not a cobweb to be found.



So I’m on a mission to declutter and simplify, organize and deep clean.  I’m setting up a schedule (like the one in the picture shown below) that will work for me.  I’m going to manage this one day at a time so that overwhelm doesn’t set in.  My focus will be the living room since I’m going to be painting in here over the next few weeks.  A perfect opportunity to clear out those bookcases and keep only what I truly love.


My Routine Maintenance Schedule (below), which I think would be more inspiring on pretty paper.  Note to self for next shopping trip.  I’m also going to find a pretty frame and magnets and put it up on the refrigerator.  If left on a shelf or in a folder, the chances of success diminish considerably.  I need to see it every day to keep on track!

routine maintenace schedule

With spring just around the corner, I’m feeling a spring in my step and a fresh attitude towards this wonky old farmhouse.  I’m putting the sweet back in Home Sweet Home.



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Silverware Bouqet

One thing I like about blogging is that it inspires me to get moving on all those ideas for projects that have been sitting around for a while.  This is one of them.  I had bought antique silverware from my favorite vintage store over a year ago and had them stamped with the names of some of our animals here on the farm.  I also bought this chicken planter from the same store.  Today I picked up a styrofoam square.  I already had the spanish moss.





I started by placing the styrofoam square into the chicken planter.  I bought the right size as it was a little tough to squeeze in, but I’m assured it won’t move around.


Then I arranged the silverware how I liked it and then set the spanish moss around the silverware to cover the styrofoam.


I’m loving this!  I haven’t got all the animal names on silverware yet, so I’ll be adding more.  My bouquet will be full!





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The Living Room

Next on my room-by-room trip is the living room.  Next week I’ll be getting it ready for painting.  And there is a lot of it.  The ceiling, walls, fireplace and bookshelves will all be getting a coat of paint.  The ceiling and walls will be the same as the dining room.  I thought I would do the German smear technique on the fireplace, but I’m not sure I’ll like the smeared (aka messy) look of it.  I’m going to try it and see how it goes.  I suppose I can always paint over it.

living room

living room5

After all of that is done . . . which could take weeks and by then we’ll likely be into spring . . . I’m going to start painting some of the furniture in the room.  Like this sweet little side table I picked up at my favorite vintage shop Twisted Sisters.

living room4

And then there’s the antique secretary I picked up on Craig’s List for a song.  I’d like to take out the inlays on the top and replace them with glass.  Then paint the whole thing an off white.

living room1

And lastly, I’ll paint the little red dresser that I scored at a thrift shop.

living room2

There’s a whole lotta stuff on those bookshelves!  Looks like I’ll be simplifying . . .

That’s the plan.  I better keep up with my vitamins . . .


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The Dining Room

I’ve never had a problem decorating in all the years I’ve owned a own home.  I’ve always had a vision.  But this house is a conundrum.  It isn’t speaking to me.  It doesn’t know what it wants to be.  That’s why it’s taken me three years to figure out what colors to paint and how much to add or delete.

I tend to lean towards the traditional style with a Country French twist.  I love the farmhouse look, but don’t think I can live with all that white.  I really love Southern Style, but it looks too expensive for my modest budget.  With all this in mind I believe I’m going eclectic with the Country French/Farmhouse/Southern Style.  Is there such a thing?  If not, there is now!

With more ideas floating around in my head than there are chickens in a coop, I’ve decided to draw up a plan and hit this wonky house room-by-room.  First up, the dining room, which currently houses our parrots until we can afford a sun room addition (just beyond the french doors) and a new staircase that will lead to the upstairs bedrooms.  If you’ve ever been in an old farmhouse, you know what I’m talking about when I say that the existing staircase is an accident waiting to happen.  Not something I want to climb up and down on in my old age.

dining room

Since the birds live here for now, all I could really do is paint.  I finally painted the crown molding we had installed last year.  I painted it with Ace Hardware’s Best Look paint in Bright White.  I also painted the ceiling medallion with this same paint.  The ceiling medallion covers an unsightly hole that was left when we took down the old light fixture and replaced it with the new one.  One of those things you have to roll with when you live in an old house.

dining room1

Once that was done, I painted the ceiling.  Someone had painted it with a gloss paint.  Who does that?  Anyway, I painted it with Benjamin Moore’s ceiling paint in Ultra Flat.  What a difference!  No more glare!  Half way through my second coat, I moved the ladder over to paint the next section, and to my horror and dismay the paint tray slid off the ladder deck onto the floor.  I cried ugly tears.  Thank goodness we had planned on replacing the carpet in here anyway to make it easier to clean up after the birds.  Still, I have to live with that memory until we decide what type of flooring to install here.  And, yes, I could have put down a drop cloth, but after years and years of painting I’m pretty good at keeping the paint where it belongs . . . most of the time.

dining room4

Then came the walls.  They were originally painted a baby blue.  Better for a baby’s room, but hey, who am I to judge?  I painted the walls with Sherwin Williams Svelte Sage (SW6164).  This color is warm and inviting and feels like a big hug.  I love it!

dining room2

I’m still trying to figure out what kind of window coverings would be good for this room.  I’m leaning towards sliding barn doors.  Hmm . . .

With the dining room completed (at least as much as I can do for now) next stop on this room-by-room trip is the living room . . .


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Turning an old Farmhouse into a Home

I can’t believe how time flies!  We’ve been on the farm almost three years.  It feels like yesterday.  Since the move we’ve adopted alpacas, a livestock guardian dog named Loki, goats, rabbits, chickens, ducks, geese, cats, and another dog, a Pomeranian named Casey.  One by one the fish have died over the course of the last three years and instead of buying more fish we decided it was the end of our aquarium days.  One less thing . . .

We’ve adapted well to our new routine of am and pm chores.  I’m not much of a morning person, but having animals to feed, water and clean up after is great incentive.  Everyone has adjusted and settled in well.  With everything there is to do on the animal side of things, the wonky house has suffered.  I’m still trying to work out a house cleaning routine, but by the time I get back in after chores I’m zonkered.

We’ve had some renovations done on the wonky house including some new windows, doors and a pantry thanks to our terrific contractor.  Below is the installation of the new kitchen window from start to finish.

The master bedroom got a new window as well.  I didn’t get a picture of the interior window, but you can see how small it was in the first picture.  See the guys carrying our headboard up the ladder?  We had to live with our bedroom furniture in the living room for a few months while renos were going on.  We couldn’t get it up the tight staircase!  The guys were nice enough to haul up the headboard, mattresses and a dresser which, lucky for us, fit through the new window opening.

The living room got a new window as well.  It was quite a job.  The guys had to rip apart most of the wall because of water damage and rot.  There’s no way to plan for these unforeseen repairs in an old house . . . you just have to roll with it.

We also had an antique stained glass window installed at the top of the stairs.  It replaced an old, non-working air conditioner.  That wallpaper is now gone!

We’ve had a few doors replaced as well including the front door, the laundry room door, two man doors on the garage, and had a bedroom door installed where there wasn’t one.  As much as I like windows and doors, my favorite addition was a pantry in the kitchen/back entry.

Our contractor, Ray, was able to match the trim stain perfectly.  He’s a master!

I’m looking forward to spring and summer as I have plans for a front garden and a new improved vegetable garden.  I also have to remember to cover my cherry trees as the birds ate all the cherries last year!  Until next time . . .


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Welcome friends . . . I’m so glad you stopped by!

Let’s see . . . where to start? Oh yes, at the beginning of the adventure that brought us (my husband, Brian, and I) to the farm.

It all started with five alpacas that we purchased in January of 2015. At the time, we thought we’d board our alpacas for a year or two until we found the perfect farm. It didn’t take that long! Sitting on the couch one evening, I came across this farm on an internet real estate site. Brian had said don’t even bother looking (he knows me so well), but as he came up from the basement and sat beside me, he told me how he had found the same farm. Hey! I thought we weren’t supposed to be looking?! Serendipity?

In February, during a snow blizzard, we traveled from the small town we were living in to the farm to have a look see. Well, we fell in love with the place. I wasn’t too thrilled about the house though. It had wonky floors (all slanting towards the back of the house), a narrow/steep staircase (typical of old farmhouses), a fireplace that looked so out of place, small windows, and other features that I wasn’t too thrilled about. On the upside? The property itself was amazing! It had everything we needed and then some.

So, overlooking the wonky house, we dove in and placed an offer hoping our current house would sell. We were aghast when it took only seven weeks to sell our house in a town where it wasn’t uncommon for it to take at least a year (as in our neighbor’s case). We had two weeks to move. The pressure was on . . .

Fast forward two weeks and we’d managed to pack up and move our house, garage, three dogs, three parrots, and five aquariums – not without much effort. I still don’t know how we managed it.

And so we moved into the wonky house.

I hope you’ll visit often as I share with you the joy of farm living.


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